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Moskva: Harda uşaqlarla vaxt keçirmək olar

Zuleyxa İsmaylova

Travel, discovering something new, interesting and very exciting, and do it with your children a double pleasure. If another poezdkivy chose Moscow, no doubt, there are a lot of places that will delight both children and adults.

You and your child does not spend a day without a stroll in the fresh air? Then you are in Gorky Park, revenge with lots of exciting entertainment perfect at any time of the year. In winter, an ice rink is open here with gorgeous scenery, there is a school of figure skating and even a snowboard area, and in the summer at the disposal of active kids soccer field. For moms with kids in the park, there are children's clubs "Green School", "Shardam" and "Mamalysh" where children learn about the world around them, play educational games and even attend various workshops. The park has many cafes and eateries, room mother and child, available wi-fi, so bored you just do not have here.

Unforgettable will be a walk in the museum-reserve "Tsarina", with its magnificent parks and palace complex of buildings. A story for children that are here once lived the kings and their approximate, help them with particular interest to plunge into everything seen.

Children will be interesting to visit Moscow Zoo, which contains a variety of unique animals and birds, which aims to education and outreach. In this regard, conducted tours for your children will not only see the animals, but also learn many interesting facts about them. Here your child will want to return time and again, because to see everything, one day is certainly not enough.

Entertainment centers attract children of all ages. Look into "Heppilon" where you can find everything you need for children who can enjoy really: skating rink, water park, bowling alleys, and, of course, all your favorite rides, which are a huge number. Heroes of favorite animated films, welcomes visitors, forced to plunge into the world of childhood, not only moms and dads, and even grandparents.

We can not say about the boundless shopping in Moscow, as the city a huge selection of various shopping centers and shops. For example, the shopping center "Perseus for children" is located on two floors of an area of ​​6,000 sq., Where you can find absolutely everything: products for babies, toys for children of different ages, all for recreation, sports, and even costumes for the carnival celebrations, which are so loved kids. In addition to the pleasures of shopping, it is also an excellent partner, because there are also children's playroom, a beauty salon and a children's buffet. But one of the most popular shopping centers in Moscow "Mega", surprise your kids and even a puppet show, which is not so indifferent kids.

By the way, if you liked puppet shows for your child, we recommend that you visit the real Puppet Theatre named after SV Obraztsova, who delight their audience not only interesting performances but also a unique collection of dolls in the museum theater, recognized as one of the best in the world.

Gallery of Russian Ice Sculpture - another unusual place for hanging out with the children. Ice figure with crystal glitter creates fantastic atmosphere, which is so fond of children.

Well, if you want something unusual, cosmic, then feel free to go to the Moscow Planetarium, where you will find a dizzying adventure among the planets. There is a museum of Urania, Lunarium Park with Big and Small Observatories, 4D cinema and a Small Star Hall. This tour will be a real fairy tale and will long be remembered for the whole family.

Children's experiences and emotions remain with us for life, and therefore, the organization of active recreation is a task for the attentive and caring parents. Explore the world together with the children, learn to enjoy and have fun as they can do it!

Pleasant and memorable days in Moscow!