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Sleep during pregnancy

Almost every woman during pregnancy faced with the problem of insomnia. Gaining weight, it becomes difficult to breathe, especially the prone position. Constant urging bladder also work as an alarm clock, it's not having time to sleep, we wake up to empty it. In addition, each of us has a favorite position to sleep, which is easier to relax and literally wake up in the morning. But alas, the greater becomes the tummy, the less likely to find the most convenient and comfortable posture.

As the doctor's advice, a pregnant woman, it is desirable to sleep on your left side, thus helping the kidneys will get rid of excess fluid, which in turn reduces the percentage of edema formation. It is logical and obvious that since the first weeks of pregnancy sleeping on your stomach is contraindicated. Even if the tummy is still not visible, it has emerged a new life, and lying on it, you are very much push on the baby.

Sleeping on your back, just not the best option, since the weight of the uterus begins to push on my back, in consequence of which, the expectant mother begins to suffer from severe back pain.

All my life I was a great lover of sleep on his back and became pregnant realized that by 9 months, will have to forget about it. I confess bylo rather difficult to sleep, the only thing that helped it cushion or blanket, planted between his knees. But since almost everything in our world is a matter of habit and I could get used to this, making it easier life as sebe and baby.

Treat any pregnancy as a disease, but as a wonderful stage of life. Be able to find a way out and sometimes even of the most difficult on the face of situations.