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Parisian museums and not only

If you decide to come to Paris with the children, feel free to hit the road and be sure that this trip will be remembered forever! And it's not just the famous Disneyland, which is certainly worth a visit. Delightful Paris offers a number of places to choose from, where you can spend time entertaining the whole family.

Paris Zoo

Paris Zoo - one of the most interesting zoos in Europe and even among the top 15 zoos in the world. Currently it contains about 1,200 animals, and the territory it is 14.5 hectares. You can reach it on a convenient bus number 86, passing through the beautiful places that will serve you for a passing tour. It is worth noting here that the buses go on schedule and ride in them will be much more pleasant than in the subway. Sit on this route can be in the Latin Quarter on the Boulevard Saint-Germain (metro St. Germain-des-Près, Odéon, Cluny), following the Boulevard, across the bridge over the Seine and Bastille, Nation, you drive to the final stop - Zoo (Parc Zoologique ).

Zoological Garden

Many families with children prefer to spend time in the Former Zoological Gardens (Jardin d'acclimatation), that at Porte des Sablons, Route du Mahatma-Gandhi in the direction toward the bowling Les Sablons metro stop on the street la rue d'Orléans, where 150 meters from the metro and will be the entrance to the garden. However, it is worth considering that the garden is open from May to September. It is a large entertainment complex for children, where there are two large playgrounds - one for children up to 10 years and the other for those who are older. In the park, curious kids can visit the "Eksploradromom" - a place where they get acquainted with the science, and your children will draw a walk on the channel in a canoe, a train-ride in the form of a fire-breathing dragon and the Chinese puppet theater performance called in France "Guignol".


Disneyland - a place where a sense of fairy tale begins from the gate and accompanies guests throughout the visit. Its definitely worth a visit if you are planning a trip to Paris for at least a week. But be patient: to ride the most popular attractions, will need to stand in line and not one! But enough to enjoy all that you want, you will be able settling in has a unique aura of the main Disneyland Hotel for a few days, which can be easily found in the Disney park. By the way, regarding the search, on the map Disney has special characters that stand for entertainment, depending on whether you come with friends or family, which is very convenient. But note that for infants there may be noisy, because music throughout the park, does not abate for a moment. However, this does not bother either parents or grandparents or grandparents who are happy to skip here with their kids.

On Sunday, many entertainment venues may be closed, and if you are bored, be sure to go to brunch at one of the cafes, where your visit with children and strollers are welcome. For example, at the Hotel Royal Monceau Raffles Paris, while parents relax over dinner, children do something useful and interesting. There is also a whole list of such cafes: Une Mere Unefillea Paris, Cafe Grenadine, Le Poussette Cafe and of course Etoile Monmtartre!

Voila, dear parents!

We would like to note that all of the above - it's just a piece of fine that can give your guests a warm and fabulous Paris! Come as a family, and do not be afraid of difficulties, even if traveling with infants, a lot of positive emotions, positive charge certainly justify it!

From Sevimli Bala: Talking about the sights of Paris, can not be unquoted and its museums, a visit which will be fun pastime, and knowledge base of your offspring be sure to replenish.

Grand Gallery of Evolution

Large gallery of evolution - is part of the Paris National Museum of Natural History. In this gallery, visitors have the opportunity to see the thousands of exhibits that illustrate the evolution of living beings, that is very educational for children. Interesting and accessible form of presentation, interactive elements allow to spend leisure time fun and useful, plunged into the atmosphere of the sacraments.

City of Science and Industry

If you are interested in how to develop the European science and technology from the XVI century to the present day, then visit the Museum of Arts and Crafts, is particularly interesting, because it rightfully called the oldest technical museum in the world. It covers all areas from weaving to photography. If you are interested in something specific, you will appreciate the fact that the exhibition of the museum is divided into 7 main sections: Tools (scientific and measuring), materials, construction, mechanics, transport, energy and communications. Go for it, because knowledge is never too much!

Palace of Discovery

Palace of discoveries and inventions - a science museum, located in the Grand Palace, which today operates with a variety of exhibits on a variety of subjects: mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology and biology. You and your kiddies will surely be wondering what you can do yourself and visit interactive experiments Zeiss planetarium with a 15-meter dome.

Museum of Magic

As a child, unwavering belief in magic, so why not strengthen this wonderful feeling, and perhaps bring him back to himself? The museum of magic in the French capital - it's definitely possible! Soak up the atmosphere of mysteries, disconnect from the modern world and feel like a part of the magic tricks and stunts. Be sure to take the time to visit this museum, because he is the only one of its kind. Incredible feeling guaranteed!

Puppet museums in Paris


This museum will be especially interesting little princesses and their mothers. It is located in a small house in the center of Paris, near the Pompidou Museum. It collected a huge number of dolls from different eras and times. The work of skilled craftsmen who made dolls from a variety of materials and sewed stunning costumes are fascinating.

Centre Pompidou

The building is one of the most visited places in Paris has impressive size for the center of Paris: length 166 m, width of 60 m and a height of 42 m.

The National Center of Art and Culture Georges Pompidou devoted to the study and support of contemporary art and the art of XX century in its various forms (visual arts, dance, music, etc.).

Center is the third most visited cultural attraction in France after the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. In 2006, the museum was visited by 6.6 million people. Pompidou Centre includes the Paris Museum of Modern Art, a large library, concert and exhibition halls, Institute for Research and Coordination of Acoustics and Music. A vast square in front of the Centre Pompidou chosen artists, roving performers, musicians and circus performers. Right from the Pompidou Centre is decorated with a small area of ​​Stravinsky's eponymous extravagant fountain.