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Arzu Qasimova – a teacher of Russian language and preparation for school. Russian language is the widespread language on number of the speaking people. With many years of experience and innate ability to understand children, Arzu khanum finds common language with children of all ages. Children are at the stage of preparation for school, get all the necessary information on the lessons.

Farida Abbasova - a teacher of English language. Nowadays, English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world and the importance of it is hard to overestimated for modern children. Thanks to the lessons of Farida, children in a playful form will learn how to count in English, to distinguish colors, letters, to pronounce words and simple phrases.

Tarana Muradova - a teacher of national dances. Magic national dance beckons with its magnificence and by the People's Artist of Azerbaijan Tarana Muradova, they can enjoy forever. Talent and experience doing lessons  special.

Chinara Guliyeva - a teacher of ballet. Ballet has always occupied its niche among all types of art. Ballet lessons from Chinara khanum help young girls become graceful and slender.