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Elnara Nasirli

The founder of the project

After years of studying and working in Baku, Bordeaux and London in completely different domains, I understood that my interest lies in education and development of children of all ages. My goal is to provide children in Azerbaijan with the opportunity of education and entertainment through large-scale events, classes in kids centers, and social projects. We have already been able to help, inspire and educate thousands of children and parents since the beginning of our initiative.







Nargiz Baghirova

Office Manager

As part of the project Sevimli Bala, Nargiz, felt the strength and desire to strive for more. Flexible, self-control, responsibility and the ability to find a compromise - qualities that make an indispensable employee Nargiz friendly team. Asked why every parent at least once a child should lead to our club, she answers without hesitation: "Because there is no second such club!".